Since they’re trying to bring her back, you should know: KGIA’s Almontaser donated to McKinney

Cynthia McKinney’s Arab and Islamist


From Daniel Pipes Weblog

July 9, 2004


Cynthia McKinney.


We all knew that Cynthia McKinney would be drawing on Arab and Muslim supporters in her bid to return to Congress, but a listing of contributors (with information up through June 28) reveals to what an extraordinary extent this is the case, as shown by the names of her backers.Of particular note is the who’s who of radical organizations her donors are associated with:

Hani Y. Awadallah – president, Arab American Civic Organization, New Jersey.

Jesse Aweida – co-founder, American Task Force on Palestine.

Belal Dalati – a vice president of Arab-American Broadcasting Co. (Orange County Register, February 19, 2002) associated with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Hasan Elkhatib –member, board of directors, American Islamic Educational Foundation (MetroWest Jewish News, October 10, 1996)

Yaser Elmenshawy – chairman, Islamic Council of New Jersey.

Rafeeq Jaber – president, Islamic Association for Palestine, a Hamas offshoot.

Oussama Jammal – president, Bridgeview Mosque.

Samer Khalaf – chairman, American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee’s Political Outreach Committee in New Jersey.

Faroque Khan – president, Islamic Center of Long Island, also connected to the American Muslim Alliance and Islamic Society of North America.

Mahmoud A Nimer – member, board of directors, Islamic Academy of Florida, Tampa (an Islamic school established by Sami al-Arian; al-Arian’s indictment indicates the school was used as a base of support for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad).

Ayman Osman – member, board of directors, Islamic Academy of Florida, Tampa; employer of Hatem Fariz, arrested on terrorism charges and charged with being a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Talat Othman – former chairman of the Islamic Free Market Institute; secretary/treasurer of the American Task Force on Palestine.

Khalid Qazi – former president, American Muslim Council of western New York State.

Hareth Raddawi – member, board of directors, American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee, Chicago.

Allam Reheem – former member, board of directors, Islamic Academy of Florida, Tampa.

Talal Sunbulli – former chairman, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.

James Zogby – president, Arab American Institute.

In addition, the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee gave $1,000.

Such an outpouring of extremist support comes as no shock; as Erick Stakelbeck documents in today’s New York Post, “McKinney has long associated with militant Islamic groups whose members have openly supported terrorism,” plus “she has taken to the floor of the House to defend them.”

Oct. 25, 2007 update: McKinney is long out of office, but her Islamist legacy continues to interest me. Indeed, I have just learned from Federal Election Commission records about a political contribution to her made on June 7, 2004:

D.S. Almontaser

Dept of Education 06/07/2004 2000.00

Comment: (1) Another document dating from September 2006, “Volunteers Needed for Humanitarian Day – New York, NY @ 10.14.06,”confirms that this “D.S. Almontaser” is the same person who served as principal-designate of the Khalil Gibran International Academy, for it gives her address as:

Debbie Almontaser
Cultural Diversity Consultant
XXXX,  New York

(2) $2,000 is a sizeable gift for a teacher to give. Note that only one of those listed in the Aug. 23, 2004 update above – the notorious Abdurahman Alamoudi, now serving a 23-year in prison sentence – gave as much as she did. Even Ray Irani, chairman and chief executive officer of Occidental Petroleum, donated only $1,000.

(3) This provides yet another indication of Almontaser’s Islamist leanings, for her donation fits her in with a great number of others of this same description.

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