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  1. Despoina Ikaris Says:

    Surely, after 9/11, no American school below the graduate level, dedicated in any way to Arabic – i.e., Islamic studies – should be permitted anywhere in America or the Western world. Instead of courting the Muslims who are diligently multiplying among us, we should be seeking ways to stop the spread of Islam even as we stopped the Nazis and the Communists.

    Just as Hitler and Marx, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, etc., clearly announce their aim to obey the will of Allah and claim all the world in his name: “conquer, convert or kill” the unbeliever. “Islam is …a political ideology,” Ibrahim Hooper tell us; “Muslims do not come to assimilate but to dominate”.

    To promote this Khalil Gibran “school” is to ignore – at our peril – the incontrovertible fact: Islam which means
    “submissiion to the will of Allah,” is diametrically opposed to democracy and all the values – i.e., free will, reason. human rights – we enjoy thanks to our priceless Judeo-Christian and Classical heritage.

    However concerned our values prompt us to be about the rights of others, even when they oppose our views, we must not be so naive as to believe they share the same concern about our rights. Quite the contrary! As the more than thousand year history of Islam demonstrates. Not by chance, does Arabic have a thousand synonyms for the word “sword”.

    Every thoughtful American must rise up and declare, loud and clear, no “madrassa” – no incubator for home-grown terrorists – should be allowed in our neighborhood, our state, or anywhere in our land.

    If, Heaven forbid, the day ever comes when such schools are allowed to function among us, America will no longer be “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. Our Lady Liberty will be wearing a burqua until – like the Ancient Buddha among the Taliban – she is bombed to smithereens by the “slaves” of Allah. .

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