September Press Conference and October Rally

The Stop the Madrassa Coalition will hold a press conference on September 4 at New York City Hall.

We are NOT holding any events of any kind at the Khalil Gibran International Academy. We have stated to the media and in press releases that we will not hold any event at the school  Our organization will NOT be holding or encouraging any events in the vicinity of the KGIA.   We urge others to respect the safety and well-being of the children and others at the site and refrain from holding any events or activities there. Please, NO rallies, signs or protests at the school.

We WILL hold a press conference at New York City Hall on September 4, 2004 at 12 noon, with the support of a rapidly growing number of other organizations, New York community leaders, to announce our intensified efforts to fight in the courts against the KGIA, and to launch a national campaign against radical Islamist ideology in our neighborhood schools. See our press release on that here.

If KGIA is still open in October, we plan to hold the next public rally around Columbus Day (Sunday October 7 or Monday October 8), since the KGIA Board of Advisors is determined to teach not only that Muslims came to America before Columbus, but that any other historical lessons are “old, racist, European renditions of American history.”

5 Responses to “Rallies”

  1. Michael Says:

    This school is the forefront of Islamist ideology.

    Our politicans are virtually useless. The media only applauds them. The money we make is being stolen from us. Now we are forced to pay for aschool that we not only do not want or need, but might assist to our destruction.

    Media outlets such as the “Park Slope Courier” describe groups like this as racist. I ask them, is it not racist to have a school for one people and one culture.

    The more our politicans give in, the more they will want. Lets review this. A school was created for a group of people, which has never been done before with such obvious trouble. They want a principalof thier choosing.

    If any other school were to say that they are to reject a principal because they are Jewish, it would be obvious that hate and racism was behind it’s motives.

    This new Islamic community wants nothing to do with American ideals, values or culture. They are having a school created so they won’t have to take part in western culture.

    This is insane. Nothing can justify this.

  2. Richard Wilson Says:

    September 9th, Muslims will march down Broadway at noon.
    I plan to protest.Please, join me.

  3. firster555 Says:

    So far there have been some members from the UAC, Loyalist Party and JTF who have committed to protest this parade on Madison avenue Sept. 9. We are actively recruiting more people and organizations to join us. The to be principal of this madrassa, Dhabba, was a previously honored participant of this parade and it is endorsed by CAIR. Anymore need to be said? Spread the word and join us. Details on meeting time and location will come as our group grows.

  4. Michael Says:

    Richard, Is there a site that has more details. I’m in the loyalist party and trying to get more info to exchange with groups. I would love to show my support.

    Thank you

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