Please write to the NYC authorities to ask them NOT to open the Khalil Gibran International Academy. Join the efforts of your neighbors and concerned citizens across America who demand that New York City officials stop stonewalling and stop plans to open the “Intifada NYC” Khalil Gibran International Academy in three weeks (September 4, 2007).

Here are some suggestions for your letter:

1. Be courteous but firm.

2. Let them know how to reach you, so they can reply. Ask for a reply.

3. Please alert your council and assembly representatives as well as the educational authorities listed below. You can find your local representative here: http://www.congress.org . Just enter your zip code in the top left field, and click below in the left column on “Local Officials.”

4. Please telephone, and fax your letter, and send a postal copy of your letter. You can try emailing but many officials no longer accept or read emails.

Please contact us if the fax numbers stop working.

Contact Information for NYC Education Authorities who could Stop The Madrassa:

Honorable Eliot Spitzer
Governor of New York
Executive Chamber, State Capitol
Albany, New York 12224
FAX: 518-474-1513

Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
Mayor of New York City
City Hall
New York, New York 10007
FAX: 212-788-8123

New York State Board of Regents
Room 110
State Education Building
Albany, New York 12234
Email: djohnson@mail.nysed.gov
FAX: 518-474-5889

Dr. Richard P. Mills
New York State Education Commissioner
Room 111
State Education Building
Albany, New York 12234
Email: rmills@mail.nysed.gov
FAX: 518-473-4909

Chancellor Joel Klein
Office of the Chancellor
52 Chambers Street
Room # 320B4
New York, New York 10007
Email: JKlein@schools.nyc.gov
[New Number] FAX: 212-374-5588

Mr. Garth Harries
Chief Executive Office, Office of New Schools
52 Chambers Street
Room 405
New York, New York 10007
Email: Gharries@schools.nyc.gov
FAX: 212-374-5581

9 Responses to “Letters”

  1. curtiss harris Says:

    I am amazed at the willingness of our government officials to so readily embrace islam. Say no to islam.

  2. Jake Says:

    Please post phone numbers so we can bombard their phone systems like we did the U.S. Senate recently over the immigration bill.

  3. Alan Says:

    Do the folks at Grass Fire know about this?

  4. Mary Greene Says:

    Let’s call this moment in American educational history “The Bloomberg/Klein/Madrassa Dot.” This way when America is attacked again, we’ll have no problem connecting the dots.

  5. Shulamis Says:

    Terrorism is a terrible threat to the World, not only for Jews and Israel! Do not underestimate them. They can make fake tears, resign, play games like a couple of steps back, everything, in order to be ahead tomorrow.

  6. allan Says:

    Hate mongers wearing the veil of peace are just the radical Islamic version of the Trojan horse. Arabic can (and probably should) be taught in the public school system, as a language, or as one course in the history department. A separate school devoted to Moslem or Arabic culture belongs in a private Madrassa. God bless the separation of church and state, and God bless the greatest country in the world. Lets not forget how good we have it here.

  7. Kevin from Canadastan Says:

    New York, look North! Canada (and Toronto in particular) is being overrun by Islamists. A high birthrate and blind immigration policies has allowed thousands of extremists to set up shop. Here are some of my experiences:

    1. Headscarves are everywhere. Even moderates get bullied into wearing them. You are a “self-hating” Muslim if you call yourself a moderate.
    2. Educated Muslims (colleagues of mine in Medical School) brag about becoming majorities in their host countries within a couple of decades.
    3. Mohammed Elmasry, a Faculty member at a major Canadian university declared, on national radio, that all Jewish civilians of Israel were legitimate targets of suicide bombings.
    4. Prior to revealing that I was a Jew, nearly every Muslim I have met, has discretely expressed antisemitism – conspiracy theories to talk of genocide.

    Stop the Madrassa. Stop them all. Good luck, America. You are the last country remaining that can stand up to this madness.

  8. Jack Smith Says:

    Why are so many public officials afraid of the Islamicists? Are they unable to tell right from wrong anymore? Or are they simply… cowards?

  9. Deianira Says:

    Aeneas Tacticus, 3rd century Greco-Roman writer, advised, “In tme of crisis, the people must watch the gates of the city, but they must watch their leaders far more closely and be on guard against them. For often their leaders will come to self-serving agreements with the enemy and to save themselves will betray the city and their people.”

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