KGIA Document

The second Freedom of Information Law request produced this document, the only information released by the New York City Board of Education on the Khalil Gibran International Academy: The KGIA Executive Summary.

2 Responses to “KGIA Document”


    I found the lack of supposed lesson plans, etc. to smell of a coverup so I questioned a long term school administrator on the KGIA apparent opening of the school year without any written lesson plans, books or curriculum on file with the central school administrative offices—he laughed! Said, as most of us would imagine, that it was absolutely impossible to begin a school year without such (city, state & federal) paperwork in place. I suppose not unless you are the worst run school in the USA?!? So clearly your organization is being lied to by the NYC Superintendent et al. That in and of itself would make me question the entire set up of this school. I also wonder how much funding is coming from Saudi Arabia and if the books and other written material also come from SA funded organizations.
    Clearly there was NO reason for NYC to set up an Arabic school when the teaching of the language would serve a far greater group if it were offered, as an elective language, in other city schools.
    Mayor Bloomberg needs to stop fixating on his silly nanny programs long enough to investigate what appears to be the gross misuse of taxpayer funds and if Saudi Arabia is now the ghost behind a madrassas in his city- on HIS watch.

  2. Open records controversy touches the Kahlil Gibran International Academy « State Sunshine and Open Records Says:

    […] The blog Stop the Madrassa notes that some documents have been released under the Freedom of Information request, including […]

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