Please write to us at info@stopthemadrassa.org regarding our letter writing campaigns

Letter Writing Campaigns

Please volunteer to help with research, review our rapidly growing set of KGIA-related documents and help educate our community about this violation of New York City’s great traditions of public school education. Email volunteers@stopthemadrassa.org today! We appreciate the efforts, donations and outpouring of help from New York city residents and families across America. Your assistance is making all the difference.

43 Responses to “Volunteer”

  1. phillip stein Says:

    i am volunteer.

  2. phillip stein Says:

    I am volunteering to be of help to your community coalition

  3. shulamis Says:

    Congratulation! The world becomes better due to such people as you are.

  4. ellen grun Says:

    How can I help?
    I am in California- my congressman is Ed Royce – who is on the terrorism committee. I will contact him.
    I can also call: Lieberman, Bloomberg, Klein, Clinton
    What else?

  5. Suzanna Says:

    I am willing to volunteer. I am located in Missouri. How can I help?

  6. Guy G. Says:

    I’m from NJ, not close enough to attend school board meetings and things like that, but I can certainly come into the City sometimes for protests, etc.

  7. Mark Rinzel Says:

    I’m a Brooklyn resident, tired of seeing women covered head-to-toe in burkas in my neighborhood. I would like to help resist the balkanization of our city.

  8. kennethj kirkland Says:

    i will help you in any way possable.

  9. kennethj kirkland Says:

    iam located in alabama how can i help.

  10. Concerned Says:

    We cannot stand for this. Look at the people behind the establishment of this madrassa. Muslims with ties to cair, saudi arabia- all of which are shady individuals due to their affiliations. Muslims will lie, cheat, steal, murder, and hide behind our freedoms and civil rights while they actively support the destruction of our society imposing their own self serving beliefs. All of which are condoned in the koran. Their beliefs and ideals come before logic, reason, and morality. DON’T LET THEM INFILTRATE OUR BELIEFS, MORALS, FREEDOMS, EDUCATION, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT MAKES OUR COUNTRY THE GREAT PLACE THAT IT IS! Their agenda is to destroy it and people better wake up and start standing up to prevent them from succeeding.

  11. Jeanne Says:

    What does Presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton think of tax payer dollars being used to open a madrassa? Is Senator Clinton opposed to this Muslim academy or is she against the Constitution which legislates separation of church and state? I am from Delaware, where Senator Biden is also a Democratic Presidential hopeful, wonder if he has an opinion. What are the positions of those running for president: Should American tax dollars be used to fund special Muslim schools? This could be a deciding factor for many voters! Do your state representatives support the actions of DOE in NYC to use tax dollars to encourage quran appreciation.

    AmericanSolutions.com is a grassroots organization which is looking for true solutions to rescue America from bureaucracies that fail the American people (like DOE). Perhaps AmericanSolutions can be a valuable resource in helping put a stop to this atrocity.


    I am infuriated by this “madrassa” situation. Where are the “public” schools that “blend” Italian, jewish, polish culture etc… with traditional subjects. To these Muslims I say welcome to America learn our culture, philosophy etc…

    People seem to forget that there is a true “American Culture” time to put other cultures, especially the hateful Islamic culture on the back burner. What is wrong with the city of N.Y. How soon we forget the thousands dead on 9/11. Now we cater to the people that hate us.

  13. Peter Verkooijen Says:

    Yes, I’d like to help stop this. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I’ve seen this happen before in Amsterdam.

  14. Della Kennedy Says:

    How can I help in Atlanta?

    I do know we cannot be intimidated by the thugs who would use our own laws against us. Then once we back down, they will give us their laws. Political correctness is a tool for manipulation, nothing more.

  15. Mark Baird Says:

    This is why we need separation of state and church.

  16. Marianne Wolkstein Says:

    All of this is discussed in “A Never Ending War” by Mike Cappi. As he says in his book, “Since when does the host country need to learn or adopt the ways of the immigrant? How often do Jews or Christians say: ‘You must learn our ways’ to the population at large?”

  17. Michelle Says:

    I live in Florida, but I find this so alarming. How can I help?

  18. Richard Aronow Says:

    When will Americans wake up to the real and insidious danger to our nation? I know that after the opening of an Arabic school the tumult will subside and the operators of the institution will be free to preach the message of hate we all know exists. I know it already exists in privately run schools in America as my friend has been in many Mosques and has seen “Hate America” messages widely distributed within those schools.

  19. rob smith Says:

    i am at a loss for words when i see what these ingrates are trying to do to our way of life, we MUST stand strong and united to defeat these ingrates. Then we MUST vote out of office ALL elected
    politicians who are not protecting us and our laws and following OUR constitution.

  20. rob smith Says:

    i will also volunteer



    I live on Long Island but will help in any way I can. I am always calling my elected officials any anyone else who I feel is devaluing or watering down America. All the recent law suits trying to implement Sharia law through “discrimination” lawsuits now in the court systems, getting wind of this school scenario, I am now convinced this all coincides with Muslims feeling empowered to use this post 911 time error by using our own “rights and freedoms” to further their own cause. May sound paranoid to some but why were schools, foot baths, cab driver’s and Muslims flying on planes never an issue all these years and now? America needs to WAKE UP! Nothing against Muslims as some would love to say for my above opin, but after witnessing the abolishment of anything Christian or God forbid Christmas in our schools I will be damned if another group will now get “special” treatment under the guise of “tolerance and accomadation”. Gee, where is the ACLU? Anyway, just let me know how I can help and I will due my best to help your cause. Thank you

  22. Jeffrey_D Says:

    sign me up….I’m in Kansas

  23. Suz Says:

    I want to help. Do you take monetary donations? (I live in Georgia).

  24. diana Says:

    count me in. I’m a few blocks away from the school.

  25. Bob C Says:

    I live in Brooklyn and I am outraged this was allowed to happen. Let me know how I can help. The politicians who allowed this to happen should be voted out of office, let’s get politicians in office who will back us. Close the school down now!!!

  26. Katy Says:

    Sign me up, I’m in Washington, DC.

  27. Earl Says:

    I want to volunteer. I am from California.

  28. F.A.Kevyn Asaad Says:

    Yeah, I am a Brooklynite who is concerned……please please please let me know when and where is your next meeting. I would like to volunteer.

  29. Kevin from Canadastan Says:

    Can I help up here in Canada???

  30. sandy weinberg Says:

    I live near the school. I would like to volunteer

  31. jj Says:

    do you have a phone number? thanks J

  32. andrew nitzberg Says:

    I am a licensed NY State attorney and would like to assist you in your efforts to (i) have more Arabic classes offered generally and (ii) avoid funding a madrassah with public tax money.

    (Is this really happening? Tax dollars for an extremist Muslim religious school.)

  33. Jolyn Says:


    I work in NYC and live in Jersey. Let me know of volunteer opportunities. I am totally against this Madrassa business and will help in any way that I can.


  34. Despoina Ikaris Says:

    For the past few months I have complained about Islamic propaganda in our public schools – the curriculum and textbooks – which are being targeted by Islamic publishing companies, etc.. Most obvious ISLAMIC PROPAGANDA IS the t extbook, HISTORY ALIVE! in Los Angeles public schools. When I called the Superintendent of Schools in LA, the clerk who answered almost immediately hung up.
    My senators – Schumer and Clinton – ignore complaints I have e-mailed and faxed to all their offices in NY. So, too, Sen. Feinstein of Cal.. Sen. Boxer answered that Islamic propaganda in our public schools is not her business.
    Only Congressmen Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are seriously concerned. Also the Thomas More legal office has taken up the matter.
    Please tell me what I can do to prevent any such Islamic school in my own neighborhood. Brooklyn and its notorious mosques has been the home of too many terrorists – the BLIND SHEIKH , now in jail, who bombed the WTC in ’93, lived up the street from me. THE 9/11 BOMBER, MOHAMMED ATTA, who lived a block from me, was a familiar figure in the neighborhood, where he studied the profile of his target from Brooklyn’s 69th St. Pier – thanks to Giuliani’s Sanctuay City.
    The last thing New York or any place in America needs is an “incubator” for “home-grown” terrorists, as this Khalil Gibran school will obviously be. Joel Klein and Mayor Bloomberg need a good shaking to wake up and “smell the coffee”. Nobody – no matter how high and official – has the right to put the rest of us at risk. After 9/11 , how much more “collateral damage” must be suffered until we demand that our government start controlling and limiting the power of CAIR, etc., to push us into dhimmitude.
    No more madrassas; no more mosques; no more Sanctuary Cities.

    Multicultural-anarchy which is at the root of this madness must be reversed so that American schools teach American – Judeo-Christian values whose roots are in the Classical Heritage of the WEST: Reason and conscience, free-well and democracy. Or as Chaucer’s Knight said, ” TRUTH AND HONOR, FREEDOM AND COURTESY.”

  35. art Says:

    i would like to help too, please let me know. i live in manhattan. i am also a lawyer

  36. Phil Orenstein Says:

    Is a rally being organized this week, perhaps with Dov Hilkind, to answer to Rabbi Feinberg’s rally in support of KGIA? I’m a NY’er would like to attend – please keep me posted. Here’s my letter that was published in the Post yesterday:

    “Khalil Gibran Int’l Academy must be stopped and the new Jewish token principle, Danielle Salzburg must step down (Islam Prof is ‘Zion’-Hearted- 8/15/07). Public Schools should focus on assimilating our diverse ethnic populations into America and specialize in American culture and history. Salzburg received her masters in education from Columbia University Teachers College, the bastion of Marxist principles and teaching for social justice. The question is, whose social justice will be taught? Establishing a school that focuses exclusively on Arab language and culture in the Teachers College tradition of multicultural education, which deems that all cultures are morally equivalent, risks the peril of Islamic social justice spreading poison gradually into the body politic.”

  37. deana williams Says:

    This “school” is a part of the aggressive tactic by the Muslims invovled to take advantage of the New York State Department of Education and it’s policy to invest in “speciality schools”. These Muslims are making a mockery of our laws and open society, using it to their advantage all in an effort to bully their way to a foothold in our culture all toward the eventual demise of the United States of America. If to be Muslim means to believe in Islam and the US Constitution forbids state supported religion, how can this school be legally allowed to exist? The decision makers in NY are being bullied and intimidated and it is an obvious attempt to placate and please the Muslim activists. What can we do to help stop this insanity. Most of the United States is watching this insanity in complete disbelief.

  38. shaun hodgson Says:

    how can i help. i live in canada

  39. RUDY Says:

    i will help u anyway posible

  40. Shoky Says:

    I’m in…9/11 was it for me. Please let me know wha I can do to help.

  41. CA Says:

    I will donate but I also want to be contacted regarding other ways I can help. I live in Illinois, far west suburbs of Chicago. God help us all.

  42. Melody Pinks Says:

    I am VERY CONCERNED about our American children’s future. America is my country and we have been invaded by the enemy. We true American’s must stop this NOW! Grassroot efforts have been successful many times. I am ready to help however necessary. I live in ILL. but would travel to NY if it would benefit our effort. It is time Americans quit worrying about being “politically correct” or offending anyone and speak out for what we believe and hold dear, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  43. Marianne Wolkstein Says:

    Congrats on a job well done! You scored a victory – the pricipal is not coming back!

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