A culturist double negative – Madrassa ex-Principal Sues School System

Reprinted from Culturism, a culturist blog by John Kenneth Press,  the author of “Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.”

Think of children throwing rocks at Western aligned soldiers, and Debbie Almontaser should come to mind. Almontaser is the ex-near Principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (a newly opened arabic language and culture school in New York). She is suing the New York school system for discrimination. She lost the chance to lead American children because the public did not buy her claim that the “Intifada” on the T-shirts she was selling stood for generic struggle against injustice without reference to any particular situation. We know the Indifda was a specific Palistinian uprising which sent children to throw stones at Israeli soldiers.

Culturism is leery of metaphysical concepts. The claim that intifada or any term refers to a generic sense of struggle should raise doubts. In reality, there are sides. In general there is a Muslim side and a Western side. Over there, the Western outpost is Israel. Only Western leaders want to be fair and impartial brokers. The pose of neutrality is suspect. In war it is dangerous. Intifada should cease to be generic when a rock hits your head.

The first negative concerning Debbie Almontaser is the idea that we should have “international” academies in our public school system. Schools, in all cultures and all times outside of the modern West, have been for teaching the youth about the culture into which they were born. We are not a neutral space. We should not confuse Western culture with universal culture. We have a specific culture to teach and so should teach it. Arab culture schools belong in Arab countries. International schools belong nowhere.

The second negative coming from Ms. Almontaser is suing the school system. Culturism wants to contextualize individualism. Culturism’s definition includes the precept that the perpetuation of the majority culture should be a legitimate policy consideration. If destruction Debbie gets her way, she will be enriched. The money she receives will have to be drained from the public school system and childrens’ educations. Culturism shows that individuals live in a cultural context. Culturism contextualizes individualism. The judge should be allowed to consider the fiscal sustainability of the public school system, a culturist value, when adjudicating. Just the fact that she would assert her individual “rights” at the expense of the school system should disqualifier her from being a steward in the public school system.

Ms. Almontaser’s intifada is not neutral, it is destructive of our national and institutional sustainability. Ms. Almontaser either has no culturist awareness or has too much and is on the wrong side. Her first concern is not the bolstering of Western civilization here or abroad. Her first concern is not the health of the public schools or the children in it. Destruction Debbie is a one woman intifada against public schools and America. She is a double negative. Intifada is a foreign word of hatred for a Western outpost. Intifada is not neutral and neither is culturism. We cannot be the only non-culturist civilization and survive. We need to prioritize the survival of our institutions and civilization. If you do not hold pro-American principles, you should not be an American principal.

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