Catholic League to join Stop the Madrassa Press Conference

Press Release from the Catholic League President Bill Donohue

August 31, 2007 Press Conference
Purpose: To raise serious questions regarding the propriety of opening Khalil Gibran International Academy

Participants: Coalition of New Yorkers across faith communities

When: 12:15 p.m., September 4, 2007
Where: Steps of New York City Hall

Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains why he is joining the rally:

“There are several reasons why the Catholic League is concerned about the founding of Khalil Gibran International Academy. They include:

· The pedagogical necessity of establishing this school.

· The stonewalling by the New York City Department of Education whenever we have sought information about the curriculum, textbooks, school’s advisors, etc.

· The paucity of information about the Association of Muslim American Lawyers, a group that is slated to play an integral role.

· The incredible disparity in the way the New York City Department of Education treats Muslims and Catholics: Arab Muslims not only have a taxpayer-funded school, but the Islamic religious symbol, namely the crescent and star, is permitted in all New York City public schools. However, the Department of Education bars the display of nativity scenes.

· The entire pro-terrorist T-shirt controversy and the initial selection of Debbie Almontaser as the school’s principal.

“The Catholic League is not making accusations, but it is raising serious questions. We will continue to do so until our concerns have been alleviated.”

2 Responses to “Catholic League to join Stop the Madrassa Press Conference”

  1. A. Gomes Says:

    I am not going to be able to attend the rally because i am work at the moment.
    But i strongly opose this school, especially because the board of Education is giving preferencial to a Arab muslim school paid by taxpayers.
    i don’t want my money to fund an arab school.
    if that is the case, every other religion will be requesting the board of education to fund a school based on people’s religion preference.
    another aspect is that we Christians are forbidden from displaying the Nativity and even in some public places, the Christmas tree. This government needs to get a grip and be fair to everybody. Say no to this school.
    A. Gomes. Manhattan

  2. Jack Whitaker Says:

    I support the position of to separation of church and state, which to me would also include any other religion within NYC, or the US for that matter. This would also include the Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Islamist, you name it schools. No schools of any religion should be supported by any government at any time. This would avoid any issues in regards to faith based teachings. If any religion wants to have faith based teachings, then do it in a private school with absolutely no government support. This would include any tax implications such as deductions etc. If you want your kid to have faith based religion, you should pay for it, with zero taxpayer support through tax deductions, property tax breaks etc.

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