Stop The Madrassa Launches National Offensive


August 30, 2007, New York, New York — Stop the Madrassa will hold a press conference on the steps of New York City Hall on the first day of school next Tuesday September 4 to announce the launch of a new national organization, as well as an intensified initiative to force New York City to respond to Freedom of Information Law requests concerning textbooks, lesson plans and design documents for the Khalil Gibran International Academy.

The new organization, Citizens for American Values in Public Education, will expand the fight nationwide to stop the imposition of radical Islamist agendas in curricula, Arabic language programs, history classes, textbooks, teacher training, and charter schools.

It will also demand the immediate closing of the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn , New York.   Stop the Madrassa succeeded in forcing the resignation of KGIA’s controversial founder and first principal, Dhabah Almontaser.

Press Conference
Opening Day of School, Tuesday, September 4
12:15 p.m.
Steps of City Hall, New York City

Note: Our organization will not be holding any events in front of or even in the vicinity of the KGIA, and urge others to respect the safety and well-being of the children and others at the site and refrain from holding any events or activities there.

4 Responses to “Stop The Madrassa Launches National Offensive”

  1. rony Says:

    This is a English speaking country and a christain founded country. There are other cultures in this wonderful country and you don’t see them changing our schools or our curricula.It seem’s to me that they are trying to take over little by little the world. We must not allowed them to tke over this wonderful country. We must not allowthem to brainwash the children of the future.

  2. serrob Says:

    I agree with you, rony. Have we not learned anything FROM 9/11? Our country is losing it’s identity, and we need to take it back!!!

    We need to stop worrying about offending other cultures, because in turn our culture is being eliminated. We need to force the English languange on any & all immigrants who wish to come to this country, and the constitution as it was originally written. Specifically speaking, “Separate of Church from State” needs to be followed. If our public schools can NOT teach the Christian religion, then they should NOT be allowed to teach the Islmaic religion in our public schools. With that being said, this school, and any & all others like it, MUST be CLOSED IMMEDIATELY!

  3. thefullbug Says:

    Nice Blog! I wrote about this very thing a week or two ago. Got you bookmarked.

  4. LorietheNarnian Says:

    By all means employ legal means to stop this, when that fails civil disobedience is perfectly appropriate.

    Strike, or just threaten to strike the school district with a very bad epidemic of “The Gray flu” (in honor of the smoke of the trade towers.) Schools typically get money based daily attendance records. I would recommend every New Yorker make their kids miss school at least four times as much as usual this year. I predict the madrassa will close within six months.

    Teaching Arabic in regular schools is a better idea.

    I have a STRONG suspicion that NY public schools support Religious segregation for Jews and Muslims BECAUSE of the attendance issues– different holidays for each result in mass absences- and consequent loss of federal funds.

    I am a fundamentalist Christian who pays tuition gladly, plus all the school taxes. This is my personal choice based upon my religious convictions. I thank God I am free to do it. I expect other religions to feel and do likewise.

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