Hikind Rally Cancelled…

The rally called for Sunday morning by Dov Hikind was cancelled, according to the NY Sun and other sources:

Lawmakers and activists outraged by the remarks were planning a protest Sunday at the Department of Education headquarters to demand Ms. Almontaser’s resignation, but after Mayor Bloomberg announced that Ms. Almontaser had resigned Friday morning in his weekly radio broadcast, the rally has been canceled, and some critics are now calling for the school to be shut down altogether.

“I hope that this is the beginning of the end for this entire project,” a Democrat who represents Boro Park in New York’s state Assembly, Dov Hikind, told The New York Sun Friday. “If this woman, who I hear is a nice woman, if she couldn’t get this right, then I think the whole concept just doesn’t work.”

We posted this yesterday in the “Rallies” section and sent out word of the cancellation in our newsletter Friday night.  To subscribe to the newsletter, email info@stopthemadrassa.org.

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