From Brigitte Gabriel: The Islam Project for Our Public Schools

The Islam Project for Our Public Schools

This is a project run by people like the convert Susan Douglass of the Council on Islamic Education and the Islamic Society of North America. They are very well organized and have been orchestrating this comprehensive educational plan for many years with great success. Douglass has been very active and effective in Islamicizing the curriculum and textbooks used in the California public schools, the largest textbook market in the country and a bellwether for the U.S. This is how programs like the required three week course on Islam for all California 7th graders get implemented.

Check out the extensive list of Islamist organizations working on this project under “Community Engagement.” It all looks very innocent and legitimate on the surface. They started in CA in the California public schools, the largest textbook market in the country — next comes TX; then NY. This must be monitored and stopped.

Read, worry and get motivated to start acting today and follow every step in the action steps below.

What you can do:

Go to your public school and volunteer to get on the textbook committee. This is open to any taxpayer in the school district.

Get involved in the parent groups – PTA, PTO in the Middle Schools and High Schools. Listen and learn before you devise a plan.

Attend teacher conferences and become the teacher’s ally. It is about relationship building and trust.

Start attending school board meetings and learn who is in charge of what areas of curriculum and volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.

Demand your children’s school work comes home so you can see it.

Collect copies of your children’s school work so you’ll have something to show your elected officials.

Schedule an appointment with your local elected officials, your congressman and senators and present the data you collected from the school. Demand that something be done about it.

Start writing letters to the editors informing them about what is happening in the school system in your community.

Forward this email to every single person you know and spread the word. Ask your friends to join our emailing list and get informed. Visit our blog and make it your home page for up to date information.
We have got to become proactive, because what “they” will do is develop a comprehensive program eventually for grades k-12, in the name of tolerance.

Brigitte Gabriel


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