FOIL Response received to 2nd Request

We had asked for course materials, teaching roster, class list, etc.  Those were not provided in response to this FOIL.

We received only the Executive Summary.  For your review here

our preliminary analysis  follows….

Included was the KGIA’s Executive Summary, nothing more.

This is the KGIA’s Mission Statement. (And here’s a teaser: halal meals will be served at lunch.) 

WHO are these students? WHAT happened to teaching the Arabic Language to the non-Arabic speaking students in our New York Public Schools


Here’s a very quick reading and some thoughts: PG. 7 Top of the page

Students will be encouraged to utilize both languages throughout the day.  They will have the opportunity to join language-specific conversation tables during lunch staffed by retired Arab and non-Arab speaking community members who will come daily to converse with students so as to strengthen their fluency. Community people, as in mosques?

 In addition, our students will engage in an extensive arts and cultural study program in the visual, performing and culinary arts of the Arab nations.  Some of these classes will be conducted in both English and Arabic enabling students to practice their language skills while engaged in the study of the arts. Will this be based on the arts and media group working from the YAA producing NYC Intifada t-shirts
In addition, students will have numerous opportunities to use language in a natural context through community service for immigrants, internship experiences, and study abroadThe combination of these programs/experience s will prepare students to meet the English and Arabic Language Standards.

Students will also participate in community service projects in which they can put what they have learned into practice. Our community partners will support leadership development.  The American Muslim Association of Lawyers and the Salaam Club will offer internships in offices and law firms.  And, the American Mideast Leadership Network will offer an after-school leadership program.  By learning the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making, our students will be prepared to take on leadership roles in their more than 27 students in each class   Most schools operate with 32 students per class which is the legal limit.  Why do they have the luxury of 27?  Why do they have a new building being built for them while the rest of us work in 50 to 80 yr. old un-air-conditioned buildings?…there will be block scheduling to allow for a seven (7) period day, enabling students to engage in in-depth explorationKGIA will also partner with Columbia University’s Teacher’s College Department of International and Transcultural Studies (ITS), the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) and the Brooklyn MuseumPg. 22  This, according to the document was to have taken place Dec. 1st
This never was done
School outreach: We will send a letter and brochure describing KGIA to Guidance Counselors and Parent Coordinators in New York City Elementary and Middle Schools, and follow up with presentations to the student body and the school’s PTA.

This approach will enable us to speak directly to students and parents about KGIA and describe the benefits of attending the school.

Pg. 23
In addition, we will send information to organizations across the city that provide youth programs and actively promote KGIA’s unique educational experience to all interested families. 

Does this mean they will be executing their “programs” in other schools?  Maybe after-school programs?

Faith-based organizations: Promotional materials (brochures and flyers) describing KGIA will be provided to churches, synagogues, mosques and temples throughout New York City to encourage students of all faiths to attend KGIA. Additionally, the New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) has offered to distribute information about the school to all of its participating members. When there is an interest, a representative from KGIA will make a presentation to any of these faith-based organizations.

Why are they presenting to religious organizations?  What public school recruits from churches and synagogues?

Advertising: For those people who may not be actively involved in the schools through the PTA or other parent organizations, we will promote our school by advertising in community newspapers. The advertisements will include a brief overview of KGIA and a means of contacting a KGIA representative to learn more about the school. What public school advertises?  Who is paying for this?Beginning 2008, KGIA’s Building Bridges Committee (See Governance Plan – Critical Committee) will have an active role in the student recruitment process.
What is this and who are they?

Pg. 25
AAFSC was created in 1993 to serve the frequently underserved and marginalized Arab immigrant community of New York City.  Blatant propaganda

Partnering entity is   Corporate: MSI Net, Inc.- this organization does business with the DOE.  If a teacher cannot tutor students in his/her school, is it not also a conflict of interest for a partnering organization to do business with the DOE?

Addendum 5

Total Students per grade: 81

Grades Served in 2007-2008: 6 & 9 

Grades Served at Scale: 6-12
There is a tremendous amount of money being spent for three sixth grade classes and 3 ninth grade classes.  If the goal is to teach Arabic they could offer it across the city spending less money.  Arabic “culture and history” is already part of the regular social studies curricula.  Addendum 6
In order to receive a NY State Regents diploma a Language regents must be passed. KGIA only offers Arabic.  It is not listed on their schedule as a Regents class. I do not think a Regents is given in Arabic.
Also students are required to take extra periods in math and English.  The breakdown of the # of classes is not given.  They must comply with this regulation. Here are the Regents exams –

If they taught Arabic across the system, these would include Arabic, but they do not:

Spanish                  http://www.nysedreg testing/hsregent s.html

One Response to “FOIL Response received to 2nd Request”

  1. milford421 Says:

    One more thing to add to your list, gleaned from the Executive Summary report:

    Page 8 – “In addition, ITS will sponsor teacher professional development workshops in Arabic literature, the Arab Diaspora, art and music, education, economy/oil, Islam, Israeli Culture, Middle East history, political systems and reform, and women.”

    Did you catch the above? ISLAM!!! Workshops in Islam?

    That’s a problem.

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