Pamela Hall on the Rodger Hedgecock Show Transcript

Pamela Hall on the Rodger Hedgecock Show on 600 KOGO Aug 1st, 2007:

HEDGECOCK: Now I recapped at the end of the last hour our fight to get the embryonic madrassa, which is an Islamic school, out of Carver Elementary a public school here in San Diego. And the rules apply equally to every student with regards to freedom to worship and the connection between religion and school, so now it appears that Superintendent Cohn has done that. Redressed the issues we raised with regards to gender segregated, all girl, Muslim girl classes, the leading of prayer by a school district employee during an academic hour, those issues have been addressed, they will now be during uniform break time. And again students of whatever religious persuasion have the right to prayer, or do whatever they want to do, during these breaks, for lunch and recess whatever. It’s the academic hours, the curriculum, which need to be free from promoting one religion or another, according to the United States’ Supreme Court. If we’re going, and I was opposed to this, but if we are going to drive God out of the public schools, according to a 1964 Supreme Court ruling of the United States. Than we can’t drive God out, and welcome Allah in. That’s just not going to work. Now in Brooklyn New York, this issue has come to the fore as well. 12 Muslim religious clerics are running what they call a Middle Eastern slash, Arabic school, starting next month, in Brooklyn, New York as a public school. It’s to be called the Khail Gibran International Academy, or K-G-I-A. A number of parents are concerned about it, one of those parents, Pamela Hall, joins us on the KOGO news line. Pamela, welcome to the program…

HALL: Thank you very much. I’m so glad to be able to talk with you there in San Diego, which has been going through exactly what we have been fearing is going to happen here. And that is, the classes that are segregated… everything that we are trying to tell everyone that we see as problems which lay ahead, when say you have a public school and it has every indication of being a religious school. And it’s amazing that you guys actually got results there. We can’t get any results here. That’s why we formed Stop the Madrassa.

HEDGECOCK: Well I’ll tell you what Pamela, and I wanted to link up with you today for this reason, to encourage you. We got results because we just raised hell.

HALL: We’ll we’re trying. We’re working real hard to raise hell. We’ve been filing freedom of information briefs here in the city. The woman whose been named the principal-designate of this school, its actually here baby, the K-G-I-A. She is supposed to have filed and released information, about what her curricula is, who her students are, who her faculty is. She has not filed one paper on time that she was supposed to file. We still, the school opens in September, we still don’t know what the curricula is, we don’t know who the faculty is, if its even certified, we don’t even know if she has 5 students, 50 students, a 100 students. There is no information being revealed about the school. And Mayor Bloomberg is fine about it. Chancellor Klein is fine about it. The protest that we have been holding, and we’ve attempted to attend meeting, ask questions, we are shut down. Mayor Bloomberg has said this school is opening, and he does not care whether we like it or not. That’s just amazing to me.

HEDGECOCK: Well, you know what to do when you get that kind of reaction from our public servants. So, I don’t need to tell you about that, but I’m amazed about this school. Is there a location, a physical school building that they intend to move into?

HALL: Yes. And that is the other thing that has happened. It started out in Park Slope Brooklyn, and those parents, like in San Diego, created such an uproar, that they were not able to place the Khalil Gibran… its going to be a school within a school… and even more ridiculous, its an island. Its an island of non-assimilation is what it’s going to be. And Park Slope parents were in an uproar, and it was moved. It is now slated just a few block away, Boerum Hill Brooklyn, to be a school with in a school. They are being given all the new equipment that any school would love to have, new computers, a new cafeteria, new gym, you know things that…. Why not…We keep asking, why not just give us an elective. Teaching the Arabic language throughout the New York school system. Let’s put it in the New York school system, let’s have our students have that elective, and let our students learn to speak Arabic. But that isn’t good enough. For some reason, they want to create this school within a school. And we say, when you’ve got 3 Imams, on a school board, it isn’t 12 actually. Its 3 Imams and they’re associated with radical mosques. And the other clerics, who are supposedly Jewish and Christian, I mean honestly, if those people were Muslims they’d be considered heretics. They aren’t really… they’re there to be useful idiots if you want to be honest. It’s a religious… It has all the markings, of a religious madrassa.

HEDGECOCK: Alright, Pamela Hall with us, with this group, Stop The Madrassa. They have a website, its, and I’m fascinated by the designated principal of K-G-I-A, this madrassa within a school, her name I believe is Dhabah Almontaser. And, what can you tell us about her?

HALL: Well, Dhabah has gone through quite a transformation. The first information we have on her was right after 9-11. She’d only been teaching in the public schools for a couple of years at that point, although she attempts to say it was longer. In the elementary school. And she was immediately, the day after 9-11, she was far to ready, she was brought in to teach sensitivity classes in the public school system of New York. She has been quoted, at that time, as saying it was important that the people who flew those planes into the towers not be designated Muslims, nor Arabs. We just must call them terrorists. Because, she said we must not have backlash against Muslims or Arabs. And apparently the principal who observed her at that time, said she was far too political, he didn’t like how she spoke. And since that time when you track her, and you can go to Stop the Madrassa you’ll find all that information on her there. She has all these connections to groups like the American Yemeni Association. She has another association called AWAAM, that comes out of the American Yemeni, and in a recent Arab fair we found being sold on her table there, t-shirts, and you’ll find pictures of this on our site, t-shirts which say, Intifada New York City. Now a woman who’s teaching sensitivity classes right after 9-11, forms an organization for young Muslim females, that she sells t-shirts too, that says Intifada New York City. What does that mean?

HEDGECOCK: That’s a very good question. Because Intifada is a word used by the Palestinians used to mean their war to kill all the Jews and drive them into the sea, and eliminate Israel, what is she talking about?

HALL: And its on full display at Arab American family fair that happened on two weekends, and she…

HEDGECOCK: When was that?

HALL: Excuse me?

HEDGECOCK: When was that fair?

HALL: About three weeks ago.

HEDGECOCK: On just this summer?

HALL: Oh yeah.

HEDGECOCK: Oh yeah. Wow.

HALL: And this is the woman who is the principal-designate, and the creator of the Khalil Gibran Academy, who says that, and this is another quote from who she is. “it isn’t just enough to teach the language, you must teach the culture, because when teaching the language you do not want to be insult. “And meanwhile, since we don’t know who the curricula, who is she talking about insulting? And whose culture is she teaching? Arab Christians? Arab Jews? Or just Muslim Arabs? One of the textbooks which we’ve come across, because we have to do our research, and there are textbooks being created by Saudi organizations that are going into our public schools, and have been for awhile, one of the things they like to point out, is that Columbus didn’t get to America first, the Muslims did…


HALL: In 800 something.


HALL: [Laughter] Isn’t that good? Yeah that’s what I thought too.

HEDGECOCK: See now I thought it was the Mormons. I’m completely confused now, I don’t know what to do.

HALL: Well, I’m concerned, as are the rest of us who are a part of Stop the Madrassa, is that what we are seeing happen, is exactly what is happening in England, and France, we’re seeing it happen in Europe. They’re using our system. They’re using our system, to propagandize. What business do they have teaching Arabic to Kindergarteners students in San Diego is that correct?

HEDGECOCK: Well, no, it was elementary school, they were sixth graders. Now Pamela let me ask you, what allies do you have in the media over there, is anybody following this, or are you just getting shot down.

HALL: Well, we certainly got shot down by the Mayor and Chancellor Klein. They have been completely unresponsive. And Dhabah Almontaser has disappeared from the scene, she can’t be asked any questions, she won’t go before the press. We are getting certainly assistance from the internet, and radio programs like yourself. We’ve been on Hannity and Colmes, we’ve been on Glen Beck. You know, the word is spreading. People are aware that its not just happening here. It’s happening in Florida, its happening in San Diego, it’s happening across this country.

HEDGECOCK: In fact if it can happen there, it will happen anywhere, as far as I’m concerned Pamela. It’s New York right? [Laughing]

HALL: Yeah. And I have to tell you its growing. It’s not getting rest. It’s growing. And we have to stop it everywhere we see it.

HEDGECOCK: Alright. for more info on this Pamela. We’ll keep in touch, good luck to you, keep up the fight, and we’ll point out as well that Stanley Kurtz on the National Review online, has a paper called “Saudi in the Classroom” that details the plan of the Saudi government, to put into every school, whether its an outfront madrassa like this, or simply your vanilla flavored elementary school, to put into every school curriculum developed by the wahhabist, jihadist, Saudi government. And I know you’re just gonna Roger that’s not happening, blah blah. No, yes it is. It was how many years ago that we brought up the 7th grade.. what was the name of that book? [end audio]

Check back here for audio of the discussion. As always, transcripts are based on the best interpretation available.

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