Fox News – July 25 Hannity and Colmes Interview with Stop The Madrassa

Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes brought Stop The Madrassa‘s Sara Springer on the show to debate Hussein Ibish on July 25. She made a well-reasoned, succinct presentation about the concerns of New York City’s community about the Khalil Gibran public school madrassa: See the video here first shown at the indomitable Atlas Shrugs blog. Listen to Hannity’s radio show Thursday, July 26 for some follow-up news….

3 Responses to “Fox News – July 25 Hannity and Colmes Interview with Stop The Madrassa”

  1. AE Says:

    Wonderful that your site got some media exposure!

  2. Kyle Says:

    Found some neat information from Daniel Pipes on exactly the kind of guy Sara was up against last night:

    Great job Sara!!!

  3. firster555 Says:

    Sara, Great job, even with that idiot Colmes coming to the defense of the madrassa in typical liberal fashion, not knowing what the hell he was talking about. It would have been nice if they have given you a little more time and a little less to Lindsay Lohan.

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