July 23 Letter to Klein, Harries, Bloomberg, Spitzer et al

Excerpt from our July 23 letter to Governor Eliot Spitzer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York State Board of Regents, Dr. Richard P. Mills (New York State Education Commissioner), Chancellor Joel Klein, Garth Harries (Office of New Schools), and Records Access Officers:

Re: Khalil Gibran International Academy (“KGIA”); FOIL Requests

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

The undersigned represent a coalition of concerned parents and residents of New York City and the State of New York. Our client-group consists of concerned New Yorkers and because time is a critical factor we are writing this letter directly to you prior to taking any further administrative or legal actions. In addition to this letter’s obvious effort to elicit a serious and substantive response, it is also meant to operate as a formal FOIL request to the appropriate Records Access Officers of all of the relevant City of New York Department of Education and New York State Education Department agencies and subdivisions.

The background for this correspondence is straightforward, yet quite disconcerting….

Read the entire letter here, also listed on our Documents page:

Re: Khalil Gibran International Academy (“KGIA”); FOIL Requests

4 Responses to “July 23 Letter to Klein, Harries, Bloomberg, Spitzer et al”

  1. Pamela Says:

    I sincerely hope your appearance on the Hannity show opens up some eyes.
    Lead the blind out of oblivion

  2. Carol Kimble Says:

    Re: NYC School District

    This upcoming Arabic school is a concern in the area of influencing children to the point of choosing Islamic law over the American freedom law.

    What do you have to say about this moving forward and not being reconsidered to stop action on the opening of this school?

    I would sincerely appreciate your reply.

    Carol E. Kimble

  3. T. Stephenson Says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Why are you buying into the madness? Why do you believe that this curriculum will not adhere to radical Islam’s agenda? Why would you allow impressionable young minds to be subjected to this ideology? What you are thinking?
    When/where will this appeasement to Islam cease? When the money from Saudi Arabia stops?

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