San Diego heads-up … where is the ACLU?

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San Diego :  a school within a school … ( a country within a country…?)

Ibrahim Hooper was on O’Reilly last night trying to defend another “school within a school” in San Diego where children are put in segregated as well as gender segregated rooms to pray during school time. Where is the ACLU?????

And here’s the video clip from the show last night.  Very much worth a view.

BTW- It links to


2 Responses to “San Diego heads-up … where is the ACLU?”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Where’s the ACLU? At the mosque…..defending hate speech!

  2. AE Says:

    America had better wake up! The infiltration is happening on all levels, but the education/curriculum infiltration has the potential to extend the brainwashing to several generations.

    As to the ACLU, it appears to be comprised of Islamophiles.

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