Fact or “Islamophobia”? as we challenge the madrassa

Robert Spencer excerpt regarding President Bush’s speech at Islamic Center of Washingtonhttp://tinyurl.com/2kfmhu

Those who do not accept the iron dogma that Islam contains nothing within it that can reasonably be used to justify terrorism are vilified and marginalized.

However, consider for a moment that if the iron dogma is false, the dogmatists are doing a grave disservice to the United States and even to peaceful Muslims.

For if there is nothing in Islam that needs reforming, we cannot possibly offer assistance to Islamic reformers.

And if Islam is a fundamentally peaceful belief-system, then we need not reevaluate our immigration policies vis-a-vis Muslims entering the U.S. from a national security standpoint, and we need not call American mosques to account for what they are teaching.

If we’re just dealing with a few crazies, we need not call upon Muslims in the U.S. and elsewhere to perform a searching and honest reevaluation of their beliefs, and decide whether they want to live in a state of conflict with the rest of the international community on an indefinite basis.

I suspect that if the question were posed to Muslims worldwide, many would opt for otherwise universally accepted notions of human rights: the freedom of conscience, equality of dignity of women and men, equality of dignity of non-Muslims with Muslims.

But we will never know, because Western leaders wouldn’t dare pose the question on those terms. After all, they don’t want to be seen as “hatemongers.”


2 Responses to “Fact or “Islamophobia”? as we challenge the madrassa”

  1. Awais Says:

    Interesting post. Fact is there are several “Madrassa’s” out there preaching the wrong message. This, however, does not mean that ALL of them are doing the same. There is nothing Islamic about terrorism and suicide bombs. If there are Madrassa’s preaching the wrong message they should be shut down but efforts should be made not to discriminate against all muslims or blaming the religion as a whole for all this because this is not so.

  2. pakay Says:

    Why is a Public School creating what should be a private religious school?They have not been forthcoming at all.
    If the purpose is to teach Arabic, then teach it in the existing Public Schools.A proper investigation of textbooks and teachers still remains to be done. Why the resistance?
    And on this statement many will disagree with you:”There is nothing Islamic about terrorism and suicide bombs”. There is a Jihad against the West so why isolate these children and not encourage them to assimilate as Americans? Answers to these concerns are needed.

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